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How to Report a Crime

Call 911

  • Call the police on 911 as soon as you experience, see, hear or know of a crime that is committed.
  • Give the 911 dispatcher the particulars on the phone. If the crime is happening at the time, give as much information as possible so that police can find the location and have a description of the suspect(s).
  • Stay away from the crime scene (if it is not happening to you), and wait for the police to contact you.
  • Write a statement giving all of the details. Start at the beginning, such as when you first noticed the crime. Describe every step up to your call to the 911 dispatcher. If you continued to see or hear anything while talking to the dispatcher, give this information as well.
  • Answer any questions the police may have, with as much detail as you can. This helps the police piece information together to solve a case.

Go to the Local Police Station or the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

  • Walk into the police station/sheriff’s office to report a crime to a police officer/deputy.
  • Report all of the details of the crime. Do not omit any detail. Write your statement in detail so that the suspect can be caught and punished.
  • Leave your contact information with the police officer/deputy in case the need arises to ask you more questions after the suspect has been caught.

Report the Crime Anonymously

  • Call "Crime Stoppers" at 1-800-458-TIPS
  • Give details of the crime including where and when it occurred, but do not give your name.
  • You will be given a code number and instructions regarding when to call back to find out the progress of your tip. The code number is the only link to the TIPS line. It is your responsibility to remember and protect that code number. Hang up the phone without giving your name or any other personal information.